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a business telephone handsetHello and welcome to ChimesText, the resource for business telecoms information. We have a strong interest in communication and view business telecoms as an important part of the smooth functioning of any business.

We are in the process of organising our blog to bring you the latest information on telecommunications and the developments in the industry that you need to know to keep abreast of the latest changes and updates in the sector.

We will be discussing topics such as best practices, equipment, call features, the best office phones for your business and much more. These tips should help to improve your overall knowledge of what is needed for your business communication system in order to bring you the most satisfactory user experience for you and your customers.

People always want to know about the latest and best hardware when it comes to business telephony offerings so we will also be covering these topics as we progress. Furthermore, software and calling features will also be covered in future articles as these are important topics for business owners to be familiar with.

For now , we’d also like to provide you with a little extra value in this article. So if you run a small business and are in need of some help choosing the right office phone for you, here is a great video with a guide to what is needed for a small office environment and examples of some great phones.

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