Taurus Man Stopped Texting – What You Can Do

Has your Taurus guy suddenly stopped texting you?

Are you wondering what you need to do to win back the attention of your Taurus boyfriend?

First and foremost, you must understand the characteristics of Taurus men.

By knowing the traits of your Taurus man, you’re able to know how to please him, particularly when he ignores you. What’s more, you’re able to understand why your Taurus man pulled away and stopped texting you.

With that said, Taurus men are hard working, reserved, romantic, stubborn, self-indulgent, committed, affectionate, sensitive, jealous, loyal, cautious, sensual and possessive. What’s more, Taurus men tend to withdraw when they are busy or hurt.

Another reason you need to understand Taurean’s personality is to familiarize yourself with what makes a Taurean male commit or tick. In other words, you must understand what type of woman Taurus men like.

In this article, you are going to gain insights on steps to take if your Taurean lover stops texting you. Please keep reading.

How to Get the Attention of a Taurus Man

Apologize to him if necessary

One of the reasons your Taurus crush may have stopped texting you is because he’s angry.

Taurus men are very sensitive, which means they are likely to get hurt very fast.

What’s more, they hate to be criticized.

Due to their stubbornness, they tend not to forgive easily. Your Taurean lover is probably holding a grudge against you and he might not start communicating with you until you say sorry.

With that being said, if you think he is angry because of something you could have done, you must apologize.

Give him space

Taurus men are naturally very reserved. What’s more, they are very cautious and tend to take their time before making critical decisions. Therefore, if you want to win the heart of a Taurus male, you must give him time to calm down.

If your Taurean guy is still angry at you, you must exercise patience. Do not pester him with texts or force him to have a conversation with you until he is ready and willing to do so.

What’s more, try to find out if he’s been quiet because of his busy schedule. If that’s the case, allow him to attend to his responsibilities.

This can be a hard step as all you’ll likely want is to hear from him, to know he’s okay and that he still loves you. However, if you keep texting him when he needs space then he will feel crowded and you will only wind up pushing him further away.

Try to keep busy and resist the urge to send him a “how are you? text. If you need some more tips on this then here is a great article on how to handle your Taurus guy ignoring your text messages.

Stay loyal to him

Taurus men admire loyal women. What’s more, they are extremely possessive and jealous. Therefore, while you wait for him to calm down, do not cheat on him.

Your Taurean crush will certainly not give you a second chance if he discovers you’ve been cheating on him.

What’s more, it could be he has stopped texting you to test your loyalty. So, be sure to prove your loyalty.

Keep yourself busy

Taurean males are famous for their busy lifestyle. What’s more, they like developing themselves by learning new things.

On the other hand, Taureans dislike lazy women. They want to be in a relationship with a hard-working woman who has her life together.

Therefore, you must keep doing the things you love. This not only distracts you from thinking about your Taurus lover, but it also helps to bring out your individuality.

Besides, for as long as he is giving you the silent treatment, you can decide to make him jealous by creating your fun.

His jealousy and possessiveness might make him come running back to you.

Don’t be clingy with him

Taurus men admire independent women. What’s more, they dislike demanding women. With that in mind, you must avoid bothering him with phone calls or double texts.

If he is not texting you, chances are that he will not even pick your calls.

Nagging him with phone calls will only make him pull away more, which will certainly minimize your chances of working out things with him.

Let him know you are interested

Taurus men like to be sure that a woman is interested before they can commit themselves. So, it could be he has stopped texting you so that you can pursue him or prove your love for him.

So, you can initiate contact and see how it goes. Taking the initiative to break the silence will certainly prove that you are his type of woman.

Invite him for a date

You’ve probably heard the adage, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, Taurus men love food, particularly home-cooked food.

You can impress your Taurus boyfriend by inviting him over to your house for some delicious meal. If he agrees to come over, take that opportunity to iron out things.

Parting Words

Taurus men are stubborn. What’s more, it is hard to impress a Taurean male. However, it is possible to win the attention of your Taurus crush by being the kind of woman he desires.

If your Taurus lover has stopped texting you, keep doing more and more of what he likes.